Why routerlogin.net Login Page Not Working

routerloginnet page is not working

Netgear switch login is a standout amongst the most basic worries for the clients and that is the reason we have given a committed page to this. We will clarify the basic arrangements that you should make with the goal that you can later access the login for your Netgear router via using routerlogin.net. This is valid that you can utilize IP address or you can utilize routerlogin.net web address for getting to the login page for your gadget however before that you should make a few setups for your gadget. Interfacing your gadget with the PC will be initial step while getting to the Netgear switch login page and next step will utilize the routerlogin.net web address.

The most common causes why you cannot get to the login page of your Netgear router are related to IP address related problems and sometimes browser cache.

In order, to log in to your router:

  • Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device and connected to your router’s network.
  • Type routerlogin.net or http://www.routerlogin.com.
  • A login window opens and uses the right web address, username, and secret word.
  • Web address www.routerlogin.com or : www.routerlogin.net
netgear router login

Connecting Netgear Router

  1. Connect the cable to the computer’s network port and to one of the yellow connectors on the router. The latter should be turned on, the lights of the power supply and this port should be lit.
  2. Firewall on the computer, if it works, it’s better to temporarily disable it just in case. In the browser, dial (for access to the router), as instructed by the instruction, www.routerlogin.net (or – to learn the IP address of the device by default was possible only after long climbing on the site of the manufacturer). If all goes well, the default login box (enter admin) and the default password (enter password) will appear.
  3. When you enter the management interface, the device first rush into the Internet, but it’s something and there. Therefore, you must select the “For advanced users …” switch, click the “Next” button and wait for the appearance on the left of a large table of contents of all the configuration sections. If there are problems with the encoding, it is treated in the browser by the command View – Encoding – Cyrillic Windows. From browsers we recommend IE. And also: the router “thinks” slowly, wait until he changes the page.
  4. If the device goes into an inoperative state or something goes wrong, here and further there are three actions to solve the problem.
  • Reset the settings to factory settings. With a thin bar press the button in the hole on the router’s casing, hold for at least 10 seconds (count without hurrying up to 15). The lamps must go out and then light up again. Sometimes it is useful to do a reset 2 times in a row
  • Remove and insert both cable connectors – in case of banal non-contact.
  • To restart a computer.
  • Of course, after this all have to start again.

In general, this operation – connection to the router through the Web-interface – must be firmly mastered, because otherwise in the future you will not succeed.

  1. Change the password immediately to enter the router. Use the link “Set Password”. Write down the password in a safe place, and then after 5 minutes you will forget, and you will have to start all over again!
  2. Now you need to switch the cables and join the network.
  3. Now we need to check if the computer has an Internet connection. If there is, you won. Run on the Internet, check the quality of the connection, enjoy the taste of victory.
  4. Once the wired connection is established, you can go to Wi-Fi.
  5. Therefore, we need to reconnect to the router management interface. Go to the “Wireless Settings”. Switch the “Security Settings” to the WEP position. Then in the group “Security Encryption Key (WEP)” enter some tricky word in the line “Passphrase” and press the “create” button. We create four keys, at least one of them needs to be rewritten to be used in the laptop. The control interface of the router can be closed.

Now if we again try to connect the laptop to the network via Wi-Fi, we will be asked to enter the so-called “security key”. Enter the recorded character set, and, if done correctly, the connection should work. Now no one else in our network will climb. That’s all!



What do you mean by authorization for Netgear router set up and how to get it?

In order to get into the web interface of the router, you need to open your Internet browser and dial 192 in the address bar. 168.1.1. In the window that appears, enter admin “as the user name and” password “as the password. If the router has not been configured before or was in the factory configuration, you will see the setup wizard page. There are two options for installation. We will consider setting all the necessary parameters manually. On the question of the wizard we choose “No. I want to configure the router myself (a). “And click” Next> “.



How could I configure the connection in DHCP mode?


The first mode is DHCP mode, which automatically obtains network settings from the provider.

  • In this case, you need to select “No ” to the question “Do you need to enter connection information when connecting to the Internet “.
  • The IP address of the Internet port and the IP address of the DNS server (domain name server) – put the point opposite Receive automatically from the provider.
  • If the provider uses the MAC address binding and you configure the router from a PC that was previously connected to the Internet, for the “MAC address of the router “field, specify the option ” Use the MAC address of the computer “.
  • If there is no binding on the MAC address of the provider, then leave the default option – the option “Use the default MAC address “. And click the “Apply ” button.
  • After applying the settings, we can successfully use the Internet.


How to Configuring PPTP (VPN) with a static local IP address?


If you have access to local provider resources, you must configure additional connection settings. If they are obtained automatically or the provider did not provide them, then usually there is nothing extra to enter! If you have data for specifying the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers, you must enter them in the appropriate fields: “My IP address”, “Subnet mask”, “IP address of the gateway” and “Main DNS “,” Additional DNS “(some fields are not visible in the figure). If the provider uses the MAC address binding, select the same option “Use the MAC address of the computer”. Then click the “Apply” button.


Please provide us guide foe setting up my Netgear router in more advance way?


  • For settings in a more advanced way via a web browser, the first thing to do is to connect the Wi-Fi Netgear router to the computer and turn it on.
  • Next, run any web browser and in the address bar write the router’s IP address, set by the manufacturer by default – A window for entering the user name and password will appear to prevent unauthorized access to the settings.
  • In the field “User name” enter “admin”, in the field “Password” – “password”. In the future, these settings will need to be changed.
  • After input, we press the “OK” button; the main settings menu will appear. If this does not happen, then the router has already been configured and the password has been changed.
  • Reset the settings by pressing the recessed button on the rear panel of the device and hold it down for 10 seconds. The settings are reset to factory settings.
  • So, we entered the settings menu.


I have been trying to update firmware of the router Netgear WNR1000 router n150, but unfortunately not able to perform it successfully. Please guide!


  • To update the firmware, you first need to visit the manufacturer’s website and, if you have a more recent firmware, download it to your computer.
  • Next, go to the “Maintenance” tab, and in the submenu “Update the router”.
  • There are two options for updating – in automatic mode, which requires an Internet connection, in which the router automatically synchronizes with the site, checks the firmware version and, if necessary, updates, and manual mode, in which the user checks the versions and downloads.
  • For the first option, just click the “Check” button. If you want, you can check “Check for new version at login”.
  • For the second option, click the “Browse” button, in the opened menu, specify the path where the new firmware file was saved, and click the “Download” button. After updating, the router will automatically reboot.
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