How To Setup Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 –

How To Setup Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 –

How to setup Security Event Mail notification on Netgear AC3200 Wi-Fi router?

No feature can provide more efficient convenience and comfortability than the Security Event Mail notification of Netgear Router. With the help of this feature, the user doesn’t have to always keep track on his device, he simply can enable Security Event Mail notification to get timely notified regarding the activities of his device. Every alert and logs will be delivered to registered mail configured during the Netgear Router setup process of the Security Mail notification feature. The mail notification can be setup either through the web interface of or through Netgear Arlo app.

Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200
Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200

Steps to setup Security Event Mail notification on Netgear AC3200 Wi-Fi router through interface.

  1. Open a browser on the computer or laptop connected to the home network.
  2. Now, type or the IP address of Netgear Router to get to the default gateway of
  3. Press enter and Netgear Router login screen appear on the screen.
  4. Enter down the username and password on the login page with the correct credentials. Type “admin” on the username field as a username credential and mention the password you registered during the setup process on the password credential. If you haven’t assigned the password yet, type “password” as a default credential.
  5. Click on the login tab and the home screen of displays on your screen.
  6. Select the Advanced tab, click on the Security tab then click on the Email tab. Email page displays on the screen.
  7. To enable Event Mail notification service, select the “Turn on Email notification” checkbox.
  8. Now, register an email address in the “Primary E-mail address” field in which you want to send logs and alerts.
  9. Go to the Outgoing Mail Server field and enter the name of the outgoing ISP mail server. If you don’t have this information you can find it in the configuration screen of the mail program. This field shouldn’t be left blank, in case if it does no alerts and messages are to be sent.
  10. You also need to specify the port number for which first you need to select the Port number radio button. If you want to select it automatically then choose the Auto Detection one and if you want to type it manually then choose the second option.
  11. Type the email address in the “Send to this E-mail address” field to receive the alerts and notifications that are to be sent. The email address can also be used for “From Address”.
  12.  In case, your outgoing mail server will be requiring authentic, you can select the “My Mail Server” checkbox. You also need to assign a username through the username field and should register a password with the help of the “password” field.
  13. Now, select “Send Alerts Immediately” checkbox to receive alerts when an unauthorized user attempts to visit the specified number of blocked websites. By selecting this checkbox, email alerts are immediately be sent when someone tries to visit the blocked websites.
  14. You also can receive logs according to your schedule. For that you need to select the schedule type, then select the day from the day menu and select the time with the help of am or pm radio button from the time menu.
  15. After performing all the above settings, click on the Apply button and all the settings will get saved.

Logs and alerts are immediately be sent according to the schedule. As soon as the log is sent, it gets cleared from your device’s memory. In any circumstances, if your device cannot be able to email that log and the buffer of it get fills, your device overwrites the log.

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